tiffany battel

"Art washes away from the soul, the dust of everyday life." -Picasso

     Creating pottery provides the opportunity for my work to interact with people through its use and functional abilities initiating a personal experience for the user. The chaotic, lack of control that my life entails is juxtaposed through my simplistic and tight ceramic vessels. 

     The process of my work begins at the potter’s wheel. As each piece is thrown, the obsession of order floods my thoughts. I go through each step of the throwing process delicately taking full control of every detail. I have total control in this moment of creating and this is what frees me from my anxieties. The details that are important to notice would be a sturdy and even wall, smooth edge and smooth bottoms. Achieving these details in this euphoric headspace allows for the opportunity to experience a true sense of freedom where I can finally breathe again. The recyclable aspect of the clay which is another trait that I admire. I create many pieces and only a small handful will make it to firing while the rest gets recycled back into the reclaim bucket. This decision making is another step where I have full control on which pieces get reclaimed. 

     I hope that when a person touches a functional tableware piece I have created, that they can feel the sense of order and dedication in every small detail. Every wheel thrown indentation, a fingerprint in the glaze and other small imperfections shows that my less than perfect pot may speak to someone in an intimate way that a perfect factory-made pot may never be able to do.


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