Jessica Agustin

My current art focuses on creating an oasis of comfort in fraught times. Built from personal memories and longings, I communicate my relationship and caring for my pets and vulnerable animals – recalling situations that give me solace. Employing painting, drawing, and photography along with collage, my works are intimate and tactile.


Evolving from painterly, representational oil paintings, I am currently experimenting materially and creating mixed-media paintings. In my latest painting, I combined Plexiglas, feathers, wood, and oil paint. By using materials such as Plexiglas, I can create strange illusionistic effects.


My recent body of work expresses how my bird looks when he grooms his feathers, or make small movements. I represent overlooked, intimate scenes, through depictions of a bird grooming, while emphasizing their colors and the way in which their feathers are structured. I want to share with the viewer what I see when a bird grooms himself the same as with other animals' behavior and how their actions can intrigue feelings in a positive way. Also, by making paintings about my pets I want to connect with the viewer by sharing similar experiences, and even recall vivid memories through them.


Future bodies of work will continue to explore painting in new and different ways. I am interested in continuing to explore new mediums, new techniques, and experimenting with different concepts to help me grow as an artist.