I aim to make work that is large and can be put in public spaces, whether as a paste-up or painted on the wall. I love seeing artwork around cities because I believe it represents that city's culture and common interests, and I aim to represent my interests in the same places that inspired them. Through growing up in the metropolitan area of Maryland, and South Florida I have grown to love hip hop culture, and street art. I am also deeply connected to my Estonian roots and want to bring my culture’s unique history to the forefront. Further, I strongly believe in the idea of history constantly repeating itself. I am inspired by work from the Baroque, Renaissance, and Neo-Classical Period and by artists like Raphael, Jacques Louis David, and Caravaggio. My goal in my work now is to find a happy medium in between traditional/classical and nouveau/street, that I can express myself, my unique European culture, and the things I enjoy and a culture I have appropriated. In short, my work summarized can be described as a combination of cultures and time periods.