Being a designer plays an important role in society today, which I feel is overlooked and undervalued at times. From that previous epiphany, it further fueled my art to became more web-based and at that moment in my life is when I realized graphic design is something that I’d be interested in continuing to do long term. 

   I am interested in packaging design. I have come to understand that it’s not just about the work being attractive but to make my designs intentional. When I design with purpose, I have a stronger ability to manipulate the eye into seeing exactly what I want you to focus on including drawing in their attention while keeping it. When it comes to my work, My choice of style is to go with a minimal but vibrant approach in a way that is direct but yet subtle while having bold like qualities but also be able to attract your attention through the packaging structure itself.


   I believe as a designer, my job and ultimate goal is to effectively communicate through a visual platform for the audience. Properly translate the needs visually for a client is what I enjoy doing. Not everyone has the ability to be visually or artistically expressive and having the opportunity to be able to convey that is what fuels my creativity to elevate further. In my work, I try to narrate their stories while making it related to the subject matter in addition to its being personal to the brand in a subtle way.