Priscilla Sanders

The general reason I make my work is because I like how art can be interpreted in a multitude of ways. I hope to influence and create understanding. I mostly enjoy making people think twice when they look at something I’ve made.

            I don’t have a cohesive theme for all my works. They have different styles, pieces, meanings, materials, mediums, and audiences. Most are computer-based but some are by hand. I have created posters, poster series, brands, redesign of an established product, wine labels, animations, a movie title sequence, an app, an article-based website, magazine features, book covers, handmade books, still life drawings, and printmaking projects. The audience for my work can vary. Some projects are directed towards kids and are child-friendly

            Overall, I want my work to influence others to either act or take part in what my work is trying to say. Some of my posters are public awareness and are to intend for people to realize the problem and make a stand for or against it. If they can engage in it and agree or disagree then that’s all it takes. I sometimes try to take after my inspirations to achieve my goal because I myself am influenced by them. Putting myself in those shoes helps me to create something worthwhile for people to come across and react accordingly to the work.