Welcome to my bfa exhibition!

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artist statement

My art relies on exploration. Experimenting and incorporating new media -sculpture, paint, printmaking, ceramics- into my creative process is fundamental to the progression of my work. Oil paint is my preferred and most consistent medium of creation, the texture and visual possibilities of painting enthralls me and I thoroughly enjoy the ability to birth my thoughts through it.


I make art because it is important for me to not only be creative, but to spark discussion for myself and my audience; it is important for me to bring my passions to light and define the relationship between myself and an objective world. Intersectional feminism, humanity, sex, nature, and the self are both influences and active discussions throughout my pieces for this reason. The expression of myself, as I am, with my passions, is what I manifest in my pieces through the use of color, surrealism, and conceptualization.

Thank you!

This exhibition was challenging for me in a way I did not expect. Covid-19 entered my home three weeks before this exhibition. I spent the first two weeks taking care of my mother and as things started looking up, I tested positive myself, and was then confined to my bedroom while trying to make art flow out of me. I was desperate, and confused as to how incredible the timing was. Just when I needed cooperation, my life flipped and forced me to work harder. 

So thank you for visiting my exhibition! It means the absolute world to me.

If you would like to send me an email inquiring about my work, you can reach me at: