Melissa Stewart


Corrosive, is a photographic exploration of my personal and witnessed experience with combat related  PTSD. The photographs that I created for this series are a combination of the literal and the metaphorical; the images straddle a line between reality and the unconscious mind. PTSD is a corrosive condition. It eats away at the internal structure of a person in the same way that rust eats away at iron-compromising it's integrity. PTSD is a nightmarish condition that causes the mind and body to turn on itself via nightmares, night terrors, intrusive thoughts, panic attacks, anxiety, isolation and undiagnosed body pain. Even though PTSD appears to have been in the spotlight amongst veterans' issues for quite some time, the treatments administered by the Veterans Administration are ineffective and archaic; without properly dedicated resources and a commitment to advanced learning, PTSD can be a death sentence to those who suffer from it. 

The Devils Inside
Night Terrors
PTSD Ambulance Final.jpg
Their Blood
Caged 1.jpg
The Weight, PTSD .jpg
PTSD Lost_.jpg
Cold .jpg
Drained, PTSD .jpg