Layla Duffy

Artist Statement

My past work was often an outlet for dysfunctional feelings, a response to religious displacement, and what it means to be deviant. The mood could best described as surreal, dramatic, with an occultist flair. My childhood was sheltered and revolved heavily around Apostolic, Southern American traditions. This culture tends to be conservative with customs such as: separating men and women, berating others for wearing the wrong color, and believing young girls are “fast” for not covering up. As I became more independent, I began to explore spirituality outside of my religious upbringing and my work followed suit. My current drive for creating is liberation and elevating one’s subconscious through imagery, even if it is deviance. 

In this way, much of my current work utilizes the notions surrounding Tarot. Tarot has the ability to validate our preferred existence through varying forms. Being exposing to the abundance of timeless archetypes touches a part of ourselves that we often don’t care to readily admit exist. Taromancy consists of 78 cards, and Tarot’s purpose is to act as a connection to our higher selves, realizing potential, and letting go of limiting beliefs. It has a therapeutic value for processing one’s ideas, emotions, and moral quandaries. Tarot has transformed the way I express myself and depict others. The scenes I now create tend to include human figures, sacred geometry, and groups of 3; a blend of fantastical mysticism, unapologetically. I personally identify with The Empress as she is representative of divine feminine energy. My work going forward will continue to liberate by immortalizing idealized versions of myself and others.