Throughout my academic years, I have created a few self-portraits that have portrayed my personal artistic style and have revealed a tiny fragment of who I am as a person. I believe that we should constantly be bettering ourselves and trying to help others do the same. The more we know ourselves, the better suited we are to help others. Self and identity are such deep and profound concepts that no one can ever really unravel the full mystery of it.

     My BFA exhibition speaks about the concept of how we, as individuals, categorize ourselves. I am an artist. I am a woman. I am fun, talented, kind, hardworking, a nerd, smart, dumb, cool, shy, introverted, outgoing, easygoing, etc. All these titles and labels can ultimately make up who we are and how we choose to live our lives. 

Through these paintings, I explore “my-self” and reminisce on how far I have come as an artist and a person.


     By presenting my self-portraits together, my hope is that the viewer may start to get an idea of who I am and my personality. However, the only true revelation of a person is through time spent with them. Even then, time spent with a person only reveals small snippets of personality and nature. With anything, though, the more time spent, the more knowledge and understanding gained.



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     My paintings are usually reproductions of photos that I have taken. Usually my photos express things that I find interesting or beautiful. I appreciate anything that has a lot of details and is organized or structured. I am usually very meticulous and can get hyper focused on areas within a photo that I hadn’t previously noticed until I begin sketching, drawing, and/or painting. Painting forces me to slow down and really notice all the details and subtleties that I would normally miss in a moment. It allows me to process all the information that my eyes may take in on a daily basis and notice the “lesser” and more “mundane” things in the world.

     My aim is to create things that I enjoy and hopefully others can enjoy as well. I don’t usually create things with any specific meaning in mind. I create just to have fun. I hope that through my artwork, I can allow people to understand that there is beauty all around us: in the bright and lighthearted times, as well as the dark and broken times.