mikaela jonsson

BFA Graphic Design Graduate Fall 2020

App Design

Packaging design

business stationary 


logo design



Artist Statement

- Mikaela Jonsson

Graphic design and art are a daily passion of mine, both as an outlet to creatively express and to satisfy my curiosity of design and technology. Within my practice I am most intrigued by packaging design, apparel design and print media. There is something fascinating and rewarding about seeing my graphic work on physical items.


As designers we are not only creating works of arts for ourselves or for pure visual enjoyment, but we are also creating designs which have functionality, designs which help people navigate the world. I find myself filled with delight as I walk through a street, or shopping aisle or music festival because glimpses of graphic design appear everywhere. People in general overlook design, they don’t even realize it is a design on a milk carton, corporate sign, a logo on our clothing, a street sign that helps you find your way to work, or a poster plastered on a café window.

My style is influenced by my South African roots, a cosmopolitan land made up of many cultures, languages and heritages. This variety has helped me embrace the multitude of differences I see in my everyday life. I truly believe art and design can be a powerful force for breaking down

invisible barriers.

Being a graphic artist allows me the freedom and possibility to work from anywhere, I am able to travel the world with my laptop, a few pencils, a sketchpad and create professional designs for clients around the world. I am also drawn to graphic design through the opportunities to connect with others, especially clients. I believe art is a universal language which transcends the barriers of language and cultures. Pain or joy or hope feels the same to everyone and can be expressed and understood through art and design.I hope my work can be accessible and

attractive to people of all walks of life.