Beyond The Stained Glass

This body of work references a traumatic sequence of events that my mother and I went through in the late 1990’s. The kidnapping took place in south Florida when I was about three years old. The photographs in this series consists of places that we were taken along with my recollection of this traumatic event. The locations that we were brought to consisted of back road areas with in suburbia. Places that were not frequently traveled but still in the vicinity of nearby neighborhoods. I want others who have experienced similar trauma to connect with my work, while also bringing awareness to a topic that has significantly impacted my life. My mother and I survived this event, but we were not the only ones who were affected. Many other families in the area were attacked like we were, and the fear of the ongoing situation brought our community together to find the man responsible, so he could harm no others. The different perspectives throughout the work symbolize viewpoints of my mother and I, along with how bystander might notice the event without truly understanding the severity of the situation.