Erin Strunkey

Graphic Designer

            My work has a common focus on visual art graphics in a technological sense. Much of the graphics I have created revolve around line work, illustration, advertisement, and branding. I often incorporate bold and vibrant color palettes, to create an aesthetic that represents my true personality. The use of color and form can create and express a joyful disposition to the viewer, which I find compelling.

            The tone of my work is undefined. I feel as if my work ranges on such a large scale and I have no set theme found in my designs. I do, however, find similar characteristics in a lot of my creations. I also love integrating shapes which creates an abstracted visual. From doing freelance work, I have realized my passion for creating is heightened when I have reasoning behind the design. The main motivation for me when I create art for others, especially for a brand, is how I am helping a business grow and prosper with a new visual look. Logos can be simple, but for a brand it is a vital aspect for growth and overall development.

            I like to explore different fragments and push the personal boundaries I create for myself through these questions: How can illustration and graphic design coexist? How can my forms be further developed and influenced by abstractions and dynamics? And the taunting question that I plan to reveal for myself, how can graphic design show a narrative? I hope to create and show narratives through my wide range of abstracted art and continue to develop my personal unique aesthetic.