My design method involves bring things that I learned throughout my past, both physical and digital, and applying them to what I create now. Connection and communication play key roles within my art, I want the viewer or audience to experience, feel, and imitate what I create or display. After being diagnosed with Tourette’s syndrome as a kid I want people to understand what I felt and still feel. With humor, innovations, and human connection, I can establish a bond or link to my audience through past experiences.

My work is in reference to a struggle or feeling that I have once experienced. I focus on humor throughout most of my work, since humor is one of the most inviting feelings in human emotion. Humor can reach out to various social groups, standards, and rankings making it vary easy for people to enjoy said piece while still understanding my purpose for creating it. Depression and caution are strong emotions that I tie into my work. these two emotions are also very common within the general psyche.