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BFA Painting Graduate 2020

Forrest Davis' work focuses on bringing darkness into light.

He draws his inspiration from the overlooked shadows in nature, the hidden desires in the human experience, and the beauty of delightful torment.

He has been fascinated by the disturbed and the undiscovered. Davis find the act of revealing these unknown or unsightly themes, bringing to light a darkness that isn’t to be feared, but only to be understood. As someone who has endured most of his life as “morally wrong” in the eyes of many, he values his contribution into being a seed of doubt or interest in an opposing view to those who see what is put out. Davis cherishes media and art that talk about things normally people are afraid to mention, as it gives a voice to those who believe what they like is wrong, and for someone to have an unashamed confidence in their voice for the thoughts they enjoy; that is what he is looking to achieve.

His art provides a soft veil of insentience unto the dark themes of the obscene and horrid; for it allows audiences to see with an indiscriminate perspective. 


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