annie golko


     My work explores mental health, specifically anxiety. In my pieces, I depict mental illness in a non-stereotypical way and focus on what it actually looks or feels like to deal with these struggles. My intentions with the work are dual purposed. First, I use the creation of artwork as an outlet, so I do not bottle up my own mental burdens. Second, the work lets others know they are not alone in their mental battles.

     My process for making repetition is organized by repeatedly making the same form over and over again. This repetition is representative of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, where the same behaviors are repeated. By personally being affected by O.C.D, this practice is almost meditative and comforting due to repeatedly doing the same motions to make my forms. In my work, I am making the same form repeatedly. By doing this process, I can respond to the obsessions I experience that also deal with the research and concepts I value.

     My targeted audience is not just people with anxiety, but the general public as well. I am not unwilling to discuss any aspects of my work, because in talking about my experiences, or materials relating to them, I can reach my intended audience better. Since I am now more open to talking about my mental health, I want to contribute to the conversation of destigmatizing this illness and educating those who simply unable to understand. Being honest about our experiences is a small step to make this happen. My work is a tangible reminder that mental health is a bigger issue than most care to acknowledge.






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