Alexander Wilson

My approach to graphic design is to convey my ideas and expressions through a clean and clear minimalism. My inspiration are derived from the cyberpunk genre, with its futuristic concepts that has a design language that uses geometric shapes, hence my inclination to it. My work aims to engage the viewer with aesthetics that trigger emotions that lead to long term memory. The viewer must feel captivated by what he or she is observing in order for the work to have value.


The emotion I aim for is one of attraction, creativity, and inspiration. I want the viewer to feel all of these emotions at once, but simultaneously understand the expression or logic that the work is trying to convey. A coherent message must be sent with just the right amount of visual info. I avoid too much information when possible as to not distract the viewer and reducing the noise that other unnecessary elements can introduce. Simplification is the key to successful communication.


I try to use technology as much as possible in my work. It enables me to develop new techniques that are not possible with traditional media. I also try to mix digital media with traditional media to achieve different results.